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Please see our information on Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to avoid extra charges while aboard!

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  • How to make a Money transfer

    To make a money transfer from the online system. Simply log into your account online or click here and click the 'International Payments' tab along the top of the page.  Or you can call our traders on: 0333 123 1815 - Helpdesk open: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00

    Please note the Currency Card and Money transfer products are separate. Funds on the Currency card cannot be used for a Money transfer and funds in money transfer (currency bank balance) cannot be loaded onto the card.

  • How do I load money onto my card?

    To load or top up your Caxton FX card, simply click here. Once there, you will be asked to log into your account. You will need to put in your registered email address. followed by your password. Once logged in to your account, ensure the Currency Card tab is selected, and from there choose the “Load Card” option from the Left side bar menu. From here you can select the currency you wish to buy and calculate your exchange rate. Continue through to the payments page. If this is your first load you will need to select the "New Debit Card" option. Once you click Continue you will be able to input your card details. Once you have confirmed payment your bank will verify the transaction and you will be sent a confirmation email once the payment has been processed. You should see your new funds straight away in your account.

  • How long will my money take to come back into my account?

    Your money will take approximately 3-5 working days to come back into your bank account.

  • How much can I take out of an ATM on the card?

    There are a limited number of ATM withdrawals you can make in a 24 hour period. You can view a full list of all limits here.

  • How do I refund my money from my card to my bank account?

    To refund your full balance from your Caxton FX MasterCard, simply log into your Caxton Account and select the “Currency Cards” tab. From there, click on “Redeem balance” on the left side menu. You can also send us an e-mail using the Contact us facility on the website, or contact us by telephone on 0333 123 1812 from the UK or +44 20 7201 0526, requesting redemption and indicating the amount to be redeemed.

  • How do I get a card?

    You can apply for a Caxton FX currency card here

  • How long does it take for the funds to be applied to the cards?

    Debit card loads are almost instant and when funds are sent by bank transfer we credit the cards when the funds have been received.

  • How are the Business cards loaded?

    The Card Administrator can log in to their online platform at and follow the instructions to load the cards via debit card. Alternatively it is possible to send in a BACS transfer. Please contact the Business Card team on 0207 201 0528 for details.

  • How do I activate my card?

    The easiest way to activate your card is to visit you will need to enter your registered email address and password. Once logged in you will see an option to activate your card.

  • How can I update my address and what information do you need?

    To update your address, you simply need to log into your account online and click 'Manage Account' in the top right hand corner. An address change can take up to 24 hours to be approved (this maybe longer over the weekend)

    If we require documentation to support your address change the following is acceptable as long as it is showing your name and address and dated within the last three months:

    gas, electricity or water bill
    council tax bill
    home telephone bill (not mobile)
    bank statement (not credit card)

    Please emails these to from your registered email address

  • How do I start using my new MasterCard?

    Once you have received your new MasterCard you can activate it at In order to improve security and transfer any balance you might have on your Caxton card, you will need to confirm your details and create a new password for your account. Once this is done, sign the back with a ballpoint pen and you’re ready to go!

  • How do I change my PIN?

    You can only change your PIN at UK ATM’s, so make sure you change your PIN before you go abroad. You cannot change your PIN within your online account or using the Caxton Mobile App. Once you change your PIN, you can review this either via the online account or Caxton Mobile App. You cannot change your PIN within your online account or using the app.

  • How do I apply for a currency card?

    Go to and select the option “Apply for a currency card”. Then fill in your details on the right hand side (make sure your address is the same as the one registered to your bank account) and click “Create your account”. It’s that simple! Once this is done your card will be on its way in the post to you and will arrive within 3-5 working days. 

  • How do I cancel my card?

    You can cancel your currency card at any point. If you do cancel your card we will immediately block the card so it cannot be used. You will not be entitled to a refund of money you have already spent on any transactions or any fees for use of the card before it is canceled. 
    You can cancel your currency card by sending us an email at 
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