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Please see our information on Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to avoid extra charges while aboard!

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  • What do I load if I cannot load the currency I want onto the card

    If the currency you want to load is not available to load directly onto the card we would recommend loading GBP (Great British Pounds) on to the card, the card will then convert to local currency at the time of the transaction.


    When paying overseas always choose to pay in local currency never chose to pay in GBP as you may receive the merchants exchange rate which is normally poorer.

  • What currencies can I have?

    The new Caxton FX MasterCard allows you to hold up to 14 currencies on a single card, not including Sterling.

    The full list includes:

    -          Euro

    -          US Dollar

    -          Swiss Franc

    -          Canadian Dollar

    -          Australian Dollar

    -          NZ Dollar

    -          South African Rand

    -          Japanese Yen

    -          Hong Kong Dollar

    -          Polish Zioty

    -          Swedish Krona

    -          Danish Krone

    -          Norwegian Krone

    -          Hungarian Forint

    For more information about the currencies you can load onto your card, visit

  • I've lost my card, what should I do?

    If you lose your card, it's stolen or you suspect that your card has been used by someone, you must tell us as soon as you can by calling our 24-hour lost and stolen helpline on 0333 123 1812 from the UK or from outside the UK on +44 207 201 0526 when calling internationally. We will then cancel your card.

    Please note you can block your card via our Android & iPhone app.

  • I have received the cards. What is the next step?

    All your employees need to do is obtain their PIN and log in online to activate their own cards. The online portal will give them access to their balances and transaction history. Details on how to log in online are on the letter the card comes glued to, or see the "How do I obtain my PIN?" section below. As the Administrator you will also be able to activate, load and view all balances and transaction histories on your online platform. 

  • My card was captured by a cash machine. What should I do?

    Please call our customer service telephone line on 0333 123 1812 or +44 20 7201 0526 from outside the UK.

  • What fees are there when you load the card?

    Caxton does not charge you to load or reload the card, irrespective of the amount loaded.

  • What is a currency card?

    A currency card allows you to load funds from your bank account onto a separate payment card to spend on your holiday. The card works in the same way as a debit card, but is not connected to your bank account. There is no overdraft facility and no credit check. This means you can accurately manage your finances whilst you travel the world. 

    For more information on Caxton FX currency cards please click here

  • Our contact details have changed, what do I need to do?

    Please contact the Card team on 0207 201 0528.

  • What should I do with my old Visa card(s)?

  • What kind of card will be sent to me after I apply for one?

    If you are applying for a new Caxton FX card you will be issued a Caxton FX MasterCard.

  • My PIN won’t work with my card. What do I do?

    You may be using the PIN for your old Visa card. To get your new PIN, just log in to your account, go to My Currency Cards and you can view your PIN where it shows your card details. Alternatively, you can get it via the mobile app (click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Reveal PIN’). We do not send your PIN via mail, email or over the phone.

  • What is the minimum amount of money I can refund from my card back to my bank account?

    There is no minimum amount of money that you can refund back into your bank account. However, keep in mind that there is a refund fee of £1.50, so any amount under this will not be able to be refunded.

  • When given the choice between paying in Sterling and the local currency, what should I choose?

    If you are at an ATM or somewhere where the bill is presented in sterling rather than the local currency (i.e. euros or dollars), ask to pay in the local currency, not sterling. This is a process called Dynamic Currency Conversion, or DCC. The merchant invites you to pay in sterling and then performs the exchange at a rate that could be unfavourable, which may cost you money. Remember to check the payment terminal if the amount is shown in sterling, ask that it is changed.

  • I would like to speak to a Business Card team member. What is the number to call?

    Please contact the Business Cards team on 0207 201 0528.

  • How can I update my address and what information do you need?

    To update your address, you simply need to log into your account online and click 'Manage Account' in the top right hand corner. An address change can take up to 24 hours to be approved (this maybe longer over the weekend)

    If we require documentation to support your address change the following is acceptable as long as it is showing your name and address and dated within the last three months:

    gas, electricity or water bill
    council tax bill
    home telephone bill (not mobile)
    bank statement (not credit card)

    Please emails these to from your registered email address

  • What if I get my PIN wrong?

    You get three attempts at using your card before a block is placed due to the incorrect PIN being used, if you have used your card three times or more please call our customer service telephone line on 0333 123 1812 or +44 20 7201 0526 from outside the UK, or you can email If you havent used your card three times with the wrong PIN your card will not be blocked. You will just need to confrim the correct PIN via the App or website.

  • What products do you offer for businesses?

    If your employees primarily need access to US Dollars or Euros then the US Dollar Business Traveller Card or the Europe Business Traveller Card are the best cards to use. These cards can be loaded at any time such as when rates are attractive to hedge your travel expenditure. If you would like the convenience of having one card that will work anywhere we will issue your employees with a sterling-based Global Traveller which can be used worldwide.

  • What will happen to the balances on my Visa card(s) when I receive my new MasterCard?

  • What documentation is needed to open a Caxton FX Business Traveller card account?

    The card application forms should be signed by a Director (or Partner, or Trustee depending on the type of organisation) and we may ask for further documents depending on the structure of the company.

  • What to do if a card is lost or stolen?

  • What is a secondary card?

    This is an additional card which is linked to a singular Caxton account, but registered under a different name. A secondary card allows the fund from a single account to be shared across multiple currency cards.

  • What is the Caxton FX app?

    The Caxton Mobile App compliments our currency card perfectly. It will allow you to register, load your card, check your balance, view transactions, and see your PIN number.   

  • What is today’s exchange rate?

    You can see Caxton FX’s real-time exchange rates by clicking here:

  • What fees are there when you buy something on the card abroad?

    There are no fees for using your card to purchase something overseas. However, if the payment is processed in the UK, the £1.50 domestic fee will be applied - see our list of full charges here: We would always advise to check how the merchant may bill you for an online transaction to avoid this potential charge.

  • What will happen once my card expires?

    We will notify you when your card is due to expire and will send you a new one in the post.

  • What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

  • What fees are there when you visit an ATM abroad?

    Caxton FX doesn't charge a fee for overseas ATM withdrawals.  Be aware that some overseas ATM owners may charge you a fee. This is not Caxton FX charging you, this is the ATM owner.

    Many ATMs in Thailand will charge for an ATM withdrawal, usually 150 Thai Baht (about £3), regardless of the amount you withdraw. A large number of banks in the US will also charge, but they normally inform you of this before letting you proceed. Unfortunately, if the ATM owner chooses to charge for a withdrawal, there is nothing we can do to prevent or refund this charge as it is not levied by us.

  • What features does the Caxton FX app have?

    The Caxton Mobile App offers the following features:

    Access on the go

    Access to real time exchange rates

    Register for a card via the app

    Load card using your debit card

    Purchase Buy Back Guarantee on purchased currencies

    Instant PIN access

    Activate your card

    Control of currency

    Lock in the rate on any of 15 major currencies

    View real-time and historic transactions

    Switch currencies, see balances in any currency

    Block a card instantly

    Activate a Caxton currency card

  • What happens if a cardholder tries using a card with insufficient funds?

    If the available balance is lower than the transaction amount the transaction will be declined.

  • What is the limit on ATM withdrawals?

    There are limits on the number of transactions you can make in a 24 hour period. You can see a full list of all limits here

  • What is a pending transaction?

    A pending transaction is when a transaction has been flagged as not yet being confirmed, or posted. Pending transactions will show up in your overall balance but not your available balance. 

  • What is the complaints procedure for Caxton FX Business Cards?

    The Prepaid Card programme is managed by Caxton FX Ltd, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5BH. If you are unhappy in any way with your currency card or the way it is managed, tell us by using the e-mail enquiry facility on our website so we can investigate the circumstances for you. Any complaints you have will be dealt with quickly and fairly. You may be able to take unresolved complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service at South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London E14 9SR. Telephone: 0845 080 1800 and e-mail:

  • What are Caxton FX Business Traveller cards?

    Caxton FX Business Traveller cards are prepaid cards that help you to effectively manage your employees overseas travel expenses, by loading the required currency before they leave. There are no setup or management fees and there is no cost to issue cards. Cards are embossed with the employee's name and the name of your company.

  • What charges are there for Business Cards?

    Full details of fees and charges are available here

  • What fees are there for Business Cards?

    Full details of fees and charges are available here.

  • What happens if an item purchased by a cardholder needs to be returned?

    Each retail store has its own return policy and will handle the returns in the same manner as any other Visa transaction.

  • What is the FX mark up

    You can use your card in a country where you are unable to preload the local currency you will need to load your card in Sterling. When you use your card overseas we will use the MasterCard settlement rate and an FX mark up of 2.49% to exchange the funds.

    With regard to the FX mark-up, the 2.49% relates to the margin we apply to the MasterCard settlement rate when converting your sterling into local currency.

    For example:

    - assume that the £ to € MasterCard settlement exchange rate is £1 = €1.25

    - converting £10 would yield €12.50 and, with the 2.5% differential, £10 = €12.1875

    Naturally, whilst the yield is lower than that represented by the MasterCard settlement exchange rate, it tends to be better than that offered by the banks.

    Your card is loaded in sterling and those funds are not converted to the local currency until you make a purchase or an ATM withdrawal. The 2.49% margin is charged at that point since the transaction occurs in a currency different to that which is on the card.

  • What happens when a Caxton FX Business card expires?

    All cards will be valid for 2 years. When they expire we will issue you with a replacement card only if you let us know one is required. You will be contacted by email at your registered email address one month before expiry and you will be required to re-confirm the details of the cardholder.

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